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NEOGAGE version 2.3.4 image
NEOGAGE version 2.3.4

9 December, 2022

From now on, users of the Metrology module will be able to perform group actions on sets of instruments.

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Management of measuring equipment image
Management of measuring equipment

24 October, 2022

What can be done to improve the quality of equipment?

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NEOGAGE version 2.3.3 image
NEOGAGE version 2.3.3

18 October, 2022

This time, the new version brings with it many modifications and improvements to every available module.

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NEOGAGE version 2.3.2 image
NEOGAGE version 2.3.2

1 July, 2022

One of the most important functionalities is the ability to validate flows in the Metrology module with RFID tags.

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NEOGAGE version 2.3.1 image
NEOGAGE version 2.3.1

1 April, 2022

The generation of QR codes in the Tool Management module is undoubtedly one of the most important functionalities we have introduced.

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How can we reduce the cost of production? image
How can we reduce the cost of production?

3 March, 2022

In the article you will find 3 ways to effectively reduce production costs

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ISO Standards - everything you need to know image
ISO Standards - everything you need to know

4 February, 2022

ISO standards are documents, developed by international experts in various fields.

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Tool Management image
Tool Management

13 December, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our work on the new Tool Management module is nearing completion.

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NEOGAGE version 2.3.0 image
NEOGAGE version 2.3.0

8 December, 2021

The latest version of the application introduces another extension, the Tool Management module.

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NEOGAGE version 2.2.6 image
NEOGAGE version 2.2.6

8 June, 2021

From now on, you can register bookings for instrument checks in the system.

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NEOGAGE version 2.2.5 image
NEOGAGE version 2.2.5

30 March, 2021

This time, the new version of NEOGAGE introduces modifications in the area of the Metrology, Machine Control and Analysis modules.

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NEOGAGE version 2.2.4 image
NEOGAGE version 2.2.4

5 February, 2021

One of the new functionalities we have introduced is the creation of records of documents linked to an employee.

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NEOGAGE version 2.2.2 image
NEOGAGE version 2.2.2

29 December, 2020

The functionality to create general document records (unrelated to the instrument/machine) has been added.

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NEOGAGE version 2.2.0 image
NEOGAGE version 2.2.0

29 October, 2020

The latest version of the system introduces a new extension - a module for recording machinery and breakdowns.

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NEOGAGE version 2.1.4 image
NEOGAGE version 2.1.4

22 July, 2020

The new version introduces new functionalities in the area of patterns, as well as actions based on their use.

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