Complementary equipment

Additional equipment helpful in managing tools and machine park.
In order to improve the process of quick access to information as well as equipment identification, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with additional devices completing our offer:
Brother PT-P950NW Label Printer
Allows QR codes printing with the use of thermal transfer method which protects against friction, liquids, temperature and chemicals. This printer model enables printing speed of up to 60mm/ sec on labels 3.5-36mm wide. USB, LAN and Wi-Fi are built-in interfaces. As for the Brother TZe tapes, they consist of 6 layers of material and high durability is one of their main features. The manufacturer used and patented lamination technology.
HDWR HD3200 Code Reader
Allows barcodes and two-dimensional (2D) codes reading, it reads 1D and 2D codes such as QR, Data Matric and PDF417. The reader communicates with other devices wirelessly and the range of its operation reaches 10 – 25m. It also has the option of connecting via radio or a build-in Bluetooth module. The scanned codes may be saved in the reader memory and sent to the target device.
RFID Readers and Tags
RFID technology uses radio waves to transfer data from a distance of up to several dozen centimeters or several meters from the antenna sensor, which depends on the design. RFID tags take the form of chips, discs or self-adhesive labels and readers work both portably or stationary.