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The Quality Control application has been designed to support product inspection by the quality control department.

Its indisputable advantage is full compatibility with mobile devices and built-in cameras. What is more, the functionality of assigning roles to users helps controlling access rights to secured resources.

The modern design and clear dashboard allow access to the most important information right after logging in.

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Product Records is one of the Quality Control modules. A single product card contains information on the product identification and the history of performed checks.

Thanks to Quality Control, the process of performing checks is quick and easy. You only need to find the product in the list or scan the product number with your device. The application then loads the characteristics to be inspected, that were previously defined in the control card attached to the product. The value of each characteristic is defined by the user.

In the case of the NOK value, an additional field appears, specifying whether the product will be conditionally accepted or will have a blocked status. The user also has the option to take a photo and attach it to the inspected characteristic.

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Control Cards is a module containing records of instructions for performing product inspection. When creating individual characteristics, the application allows you to group them into individual sections. The user can associate the control card with a previously created product.


NEOGAGE Quality Control

Description Free Basic Standard Premium

Mobile and Desktop Use

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Finished Product Cards

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Control Cards

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Performing Checks

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Employees and Contractors Management

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Location Management

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Statistics and Reports

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Maximum Number of User Accounts


Maximum Number of Finished Product Cards

5 50 200 UNLIMITED

Maximum Number of Performed Checks

100 5000 10000 UNLIMITED

Historical Data Storage Period


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