Tool Management

We are pleased to announce that our work on the Tool Management module is coming to an end. The new extension to the NEOGAGE application is designed not only to facilitate the inventory of equipment and tools, but also to support its users in warehouse and stock management. In addition to this, the possibility to record the flow of tools (such as an issue, return or exchange) belongs to its core functionalities. We have not forgotten about those for whom the statistics are an inseparable element of the proper equipment management – thanks to this functionality, tool cost monitoring will now become more effective. 

There is no denying that the implementation of the Tool Management module brings a number of benefits. First of all, it eliminates paper documents and introduces digitalisation in a company. Creating tool cards in the application allows you not only to organise data, but also to access them from anywhere in the world. Such a solution is far superior to basic computer spreadsheets or paper systems. 

What is more, it saves time – the application introduces total control over the location of equipment, thus identifying tools becomes even faster, which in turn helps reduce downtime. The users will always receive their tools on time.

What needs to be underlined is that the implementation of the Tool Management module will undoubtedly oblige employees to be more careful and responsible with regard to the equipment they use. This will help solve the problem of constantly lost or damaged tools.  

The benefits of choosing such a solution can also include the time of application implementation – it is up to 3 working days in cloud hosting, and according to individual arrangements on the client’s own IT infrastructure.

Sounds interesting?  The planned date of Tool Management release is the middle of December 2021 – more information will be available soon on our website. Anyone who would like to test the demo version is welcome to contact us today.