NEOGAGE 2.2.2 version

Our new version of NEOGAGE 2.2.2 includes modifications to both Machine Control and Metrology modules:
The newest functionalities include:
  • Configuration of e-mail addresses that will receive a copy of notifications regarding failure reports / machine orders.
  • Adding the machine card printout and the contact person to the e-mail order sent to the contractor.
  • Extension of the main dashboard, which includes placing a circle diagram with information about the number of devices / machines with appropriate statuses.
  • Possibility to attach a file to the order.
  • Adding the “Documents – machines” module, which will enable the creation of records of documents related to the machine card and the order as well as the activity performed on the machine.

The system now includes the functionality of creating a register of general documents (not related to the device / machine), the register of which will be located in the “Documents – general” module.